The Realize SMS/Text List Building Landing Page is the future of mobile marketing. When a mobile user hits your new List Building Landing Page they are greeted with an offer that they can redeem by entering their phone number. Our Realize SMS/List Building Script then automatically stores the number for you, redirects the mobile user to the coupon page and even sends you an email notification.

This Package Includes:

  • Design Customization
  • The Realize SMS/Text List Building Script
  • Easy navigation for potential leads
  • SmartPhone redirection added to your website
  • Setup and installation to your server

Check it on the SmartPhones listed below.

We can have your Mobile SMS/Text List Building Landing Page up and running for you within
the next few days for a one-time payment of

Everybody has a cellphone these days. And by everyone we mean 82% of US Adults have a cell phone. Of those, 51% send 1-10 texts a day and 25% send 11-50 texts a day. The average text message gets read within 3 minutes of being sent. The New Realize SMS/Text List Building Landing Pages and Script are the easiest way to get mobile users to give you their valuable information. We can literally have your new landing page up in under a week, collecting phone numbers and getting you instant customers with automatic coupons.

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